I tried. I wanted to love you because it would have made everything better. You could have fixed the broken things in me. I waited for it to happen and I kept wishing every night I would wake up seeing the world in your eyes. Then one day, love finally happened. Everything clicked—it just wasn’t with you.

‘Wandering Eye’ 

He laid beside her. Their naked bodies pressed up against each other. He insisted on being held close by her. He insisted she wrapped her legs with his. And with all his insistence, she willingly obliged. He wrapped one arm under her and held her hand in the other. He kissed her palm like no man has done before.

She wanted to get up and run, but she couldn’t. Because even if none of this was real, she secretly wished it would last. She wanted this memory in her mind. Even if it was with a man she wouldn’t have, she would cherish the moment and let herself hope for a fleeting second.

And fleet it did because the second was gone in a blink of an eye. In one kiss of his lips on her palm. Then, she knew she had to stop. Stop herself from believing that this was more than just tonight.

‘Ephemeral’ (thepassingdialogues.tumblr.com)